Board of Directors/Staff


Founding Benefactors
James Z. Pugash
Stephanie Anderson Pugash

President & CEO
James Horowitz

Board of Directors

Darius Anderson

Andy Bloch
Marianne Buchholz*
Bruce Cohn
Terry Cosgrove
Kathleen Grieve
Robert Hershy
Alec Merriam
Nancy Nemecek
Steve Page
John Provine*
August Sebastiani
John Williams

Honorary Chair
Stephanie Pugash

*Ex Officio



James Horowitz - Executive Producer
Marc Breslin - Chief Operating Officer
Joe Lang - Director
Mindi Van Moorsel - Chief Financial Officer
Andrea Beard - Director of Marketing & Sponsorship
Victoria Campbell - Hospitality/Wine & Song Manager
Patty Heydenberk - Development Manager

To contact SJ+ Staff please call 866-468-8355or send an email to [email protected]



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