Sonoma Jazz + is a not-for-profit 501c3 organization whose central purpose is raising money to support the Sonoma community's music education needs, while producing a world-class music festival.

Sonoma Jazz + helps bring innovative, dynamic programs to local students in elementary, middle and high school.  In a time of financial crisis for California public schools, SJ+ has helped keep music alive and vital for the students of Sonoma.  With continued support, SJ+ hopes to launch a new generation of students who are fluent in the beautiful language of music.  Among this year's biggest successes are the following programs:

Sonoma Jazz + Teen Jazz Music Camp: In cooperation with the Sonoma Community Center, SJ+ is helping create a dynamic new summer program featuring both instrumental and vocal music.

Middle School Musical: Performances at both local middle schools involved students in every aspect of the productions: singing, dancing, set design, lighting, sound and even promotion.  This years performance will be Guys and Dolls.

Elementary Percussion Program: Last year the third graders began drumming their way to a new understanding of music, and this year the second graders got into the act.  Students took part in 4 or 12 week programs, and joined an after school percussion program that was open to all elementary grades.

Guitars in the Classroom: Teachers who never thought they had the gift of music are strumming guitars and weaving songs into the lives of elementary school children thanks to a teaching program by SJ+.

Middle Schools Performing Arts Club: students meet weekly with a paid instructor to arrange lunchtime assemblies/performances, create venues for student practice/performance, run school talent show and support on-campus performing arts productions.

Visiting Musician Program: brings a variety of music into the schools from jazz to opera to Latin.  A four year collaboration with the San Francisco Opera Guild's "Opera a la Carte" program continues in the Elementary School, where a trained group of upper grade students perform alongside professional opera singers in Donizetti's "Daughter of the Regiment." 

SJ+ also provides band and college scholarships for local students, improvements in band equipment, sectional support for High School bands,  an accompanist for madrigals, scholarships for the High School music program's annual spring trip/competition and an Annual Musical which will be Cole Porter's "Anything Goes" in 2010.